Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hell Is Over

Today I handed In Assessments

Hurrah, Hurrah, Life Is good

But there will be more assessments

More assignments on their way

Like a virus that will not be defeated

They will be back

And once more I will take up arms and fight the evil

Drive away the darkness!

But not today....

Today I can relax

Saturday, January 21, 2006


As requested here is a quick run down of many of the albums I have procurred before and since Christmas with a quick review of under 15 words. I'm not naming where I got them (I could) but I will mention the price. I also shalln't talk about all of them because I've only so much time in the world. So In no particular order:

The Kinks: The Kinks - Cooler than a choc ice in the antartic
The Kinks: Kontroversy - not as good as the previous one but still pretty damn cool
Both bought together for £3
The B-52's: Good Stuff - Excellent fun, a much underatted band. £1
The B-52's: Cosmic Thing - Stupid mostly, but some surprisingly beautiful songs too, again excellent £3.50
Brian Wilson: Smile -Weird, but fun £3
Supergrass: Road To Rouen - Been threatening to go melodic for a while, it's worked well for them. Copied
Ladytron: The Witching Hour - Some strong stuff but better songs on Light & Magic - Copied
Talking Heads: Speaking in Tongues - Good but songs are performed better live on Stop Making Sense- £3.50
Paul Simon: You're The One: It's got a good sound but hardly his strongest material £1
Led Zeppelin: IV - It's got Black Dog, Rock N'Roll and that one about the staircase, need I say more, Copied
Brian Ferry: Mamouna - Doesn't bother to write his own songs very often, should've written better ones here - £2
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster: Horse Of Dog - Rock's Like a bitch, which is nice £2
Ordinary Boys: Over the Counter Culture - Nothing to write home about, a few good tracks £3
Futureheads: Futureheads - sharp and entertaining indie rock, copied
Prince: Purple Rain - He's a fun wacky, chappy £2
Broadcast: Tender Buttons - Like Ladytron, but not very good, copied
The Go Team: Lightning, Thunder, Strike - Indie, Dance, fun explosion, perhaps a tad repetitive, but still great copied
VHS or BETA: Night on Fire - To many instrumentals but some good indie, dance, electro stuff on the whole. £1
Tim Booth: Bone - Excellent, should've called it a James album then people would've bought it. £1
Elbow: Leaders of the Free World - Suffers in comparison to their previous two, title track ace. Present
Lou Reed: Transformer - a genuine classic £3
Peter Gabriel: 2 - the weakest Gabriel, despite ace cover
Talk Talk: The Very Best Of: Mostly excellent stuff from an overlooked group. £3
Echo & The Bunnymen: Porcupine - Some of the songs are soooo good. Fine stuff £3
Dead 60's: Dead 60's: Always good to here ska, album would benefit from some pace changes
and less filler. Copied
Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel- Business as usual, usually singles better than their albums. Neither great here. copied.

Blessed & The Daleks together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to lie down..................................

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Have Returned.

Yes I am back, it has been awhile but I ought to know better than to try and send myself home via 2nd class post.

Almost 50 new albums procured over the holidays. A good score I feel.

And it's now 2006. A new year, A new series 365 concurrent disappointments.

Anyway without further hesitation here are suggested new titles for the next Harry Potter book

Harry Potter and the long drawn out funeral.
Hawee Potter and the speech impediment
Arry Pottah' and Geordi invasion
Harry Pinter and the boring play
Harry Potter and the, Harry Potter and the, Harry Potter and the, Harry Potter and the, Harry Potter and the nasty habit of repeating oneself.
Harry wossname and the onset of apathy
Harry P,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,potter and the revenge of the speech impediment.
Harry Potter and the ever mounting tuition fees from 7 seven years at Hogwarts
Harry Potter and the onset of crippling depression
Herry Potter and the spelling mistake
Harry Potter and your Mother (never saw that one coming)
Harry Potter and the valuable lesson Hermione taught him about STD's
Harry Potter and the Shower of Bastards (trust me it'll work on the page)
Hrry Pttr and the Vowel Thief
Harry Potter hates you and all that you stand for
Daneil Radcliff and the horrible typecasting fate
Harry Potter goes to Bagshot
Harry Potter and that cow Rowling who's made all that fucking money, years I've spent slaving over this keyboard, YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter and his part in the EMRON scandal
Harry Potter and his drug fuelled, three in a bed sex scandal.
Harry Potter punches that twat Pete Doherty in his slimey fucking face
Harry Potter goes to rehab
Harry Potter releases solo single
Harry Potter and the, yes I do spend my time thinking up all this bollocks.